Wisconsin Southern Washouts

Mark Hintz

Heavy rains compromise Dane County railroad tracks
By Abigail Becker

The massive amount of rainfall and flooding that drenched Dane County Monday damaged about 5,000 feet of railroad track in Madison, officials say.

All routes from the west are cut off to Madison due to the extent of the damage, Watco Companies communications director Tracie VanBecelaere said. Watco Companies operates Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company.

Not only is Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company managing washouts, when gravel underneath the track is swept away, debris is also piling up on bridges.

VanBecelaere said it could take a week before the tracks in Madison are repaired, but damage in Dane County is still being assessed.

With rains in the forecast for Friday and next week, she said there’s not much preparation the railroad can take ahead of possible further damage.

“There’s not a lot they can do in advance,” VanBecelaere said. “Once the river gets going you’re kind of at their will.”

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I just saw on the Trains General Discussions forum that Wisconsin
Southern has has a wahout due to heavy rains.  They have lost at
5000 feet of track.  Here is a link to the discussion,