Re: Today's #8 w/261 Cars on the Rear


Being on the slow side myself, this came from the 261 web page which runs these cars during the fall plus whatever other trips they have going.  Sometimes its just dumb luck or networking with the "right" people.  There is some CP Rail FB group that has some info on it ( I'm not a member since they went group members only).  The Trains web site could have info on it too, but I usually don't have time to be on it very much.  Don't have time to be on every possible site.  That being said, don't know when the cars will be coming back thru here.  Maybe several weeks?


On 10/20/2019 8:27 PM, Todd M. Taylor wrote:
How do you guys know all this secret information?  Inquiring minds want to know... I want to know! :-D

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