Re: CWR train wbd on CP


CP 5922 leading (Pacman?) and CP 5878 Dual flags with class lights. Lined into Muskego yard 17:12. Possibly for a crew swap. 

For a little over a week, 199, 281, 287, 471 come north with B'ville crews and often swap trains with Portage crews. Swap locations head to date (in order they've be noted) KK/Maple, Muskego, Duplainville {uncertain where w/o blocking crossings}, Lake East, Rondout. "Plan" designed to have crews better rested and spend less time away from terminal in those luxurious hotels. Not sure how many unit trains will get included but Saturday was 199/580 @ Lake East and 281/650 in Mosquito.

MILW Beernut - out!

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