UP Derailment in St. Paul on BNSF pictures link

Stephen Whiting

Good Morning,

Here is a link to my pictures from Saturday's UP derailment of the MPRSS in St. Paul on the BNSF. This is the upload with descriptions added so if you are interested take a look.

The first few pictures are of the MPRSS coming up the grade into MN on the Altoona Sub. Usually we can catch the train at every cross but this train was moving fast and we never caught up to the front again as we followed it to MP 6.5 and then headed home.

My son and I heard about the derailment and went back into St. Paul to investigate, take pictures and video. This is the continuation of the pictures into the night.


This is Google+ formerly Picasa. Didn't know Google migrated me to something new.

Have a good week!

Stephen Whiting
Hudson, WI
UP Altoona Sub

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