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Stephen Whiting


Your last comment you might of touched on it, parking the set of cars for a time. I have a friend that maintains the coal cars at the plant and he said last week that they only had 2 trains in cycle stock piling coal with some generating units down for 30 days of maintenance, I suppose this is the lightest time of the year for power use ... seemed like all winter was light.

Stephen Whiting
Hudson, WI
UP Altoona Sub

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Yep that could be. Only thing I could come up with is maybe UP is short on power at Altoona at the moment and wanted that power back for a sand train? They did run an empty up to Norma today with a single NS Dash 9. That's fine for the empties but not enough power to bring the loads back east. Someone on another forum also brought up the possibility that maybe the train went into storage at the plant and obviously there's no reason to leave three units up there for an extended period of time. That definately sounds plausible too. Unusual move at anyrate.

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