Re: UP MOW equipment train wb on Altoona Sub?


Various loads require speed restrictions - one that's always restricted to 40 mph is indeed HOT - molten sulphur. Usually, but not always includes some pasty yellow tank cars. Travel as unit trains - with a buffer car behind the power. Many of the tanks will be marked.

Dimensional loads (extra-tall or wide) will also move restricted. And IIRC< should a Fred (EOT) fail or falter - trains are limited to 30 mph.

Did you get any video of RxR being rebuilt?

--- In railwis@..., Stephen Whiting <whiting.wi@...> wrote:
Thanks for the heads up Chris!
A train to Altoona just came through Hudson at 20:31 and got track
warrants a short time ago to Hersey where they are meeting the train
you refer to.
Have a good night!
Stephen Whiting * Hudson, WI * UP Altoona Sub
On 11/6/11, Chris <oz_man3@...> wrote:
Dispatcher said train led by UP 7161 has a 40 MPH limit - considered a hot train. Thru Eau Claire at 19:40.
Last time the MOW equipment train headed East to Wyeville to drop off the MOW Equipment it had a 40 MPH speed limit.

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