AW: [railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] eBay August 05, 2016

Jens O. Mehner

112064328238  --  USA navy sub on TTX Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.


That is a DSRV, a Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle, used to rescue crews from sunken submarines


112064326630  --  USA navy boat on Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.


Not a navy boat, but the US Army’s MOFAB, Mobile Floating Assault Bridge/Ferry. On land it is steered from the cab, in water by a massive steering wheel at the rear. There are some bits and bobs missing, including the foldable treadways on the sides.


391512912458  --  1962 USA SPG small enclosed compartment.


The Swedish stamp on the back was already a good indicator that it was not an US Army vehicle. It is the Artillerikanonvagn Akv 151 prototype SPG, based on the indigenous Swedish KRV tank chassis, only one built, but well photographed – the original is in the Försvarsfordonsmuseet Arsenalen in Strängnäs. When the KRV project was cancelled, Bofors put the gun on a chassis based on the Stridsvagn 103 and this developed the Bandkanon Bkan 1, which served from 1967 to 2003 in the Swedish army.


222179449072  --  1969 French SPG.


AMX Mk 61 (AMX-105A), based on the AMX-13


Some of the auctions did not show for me, although I also checked the ended ones.





Jens O.