[railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] Re: A Revised English Edition of Paul Malmassari Armoured Trains is being published by the US Naval Institute in November 2016!

Paul, Amazon say this book is released on 30th September. Enough time for delivery?



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Thanks.  I've found it on Book Depository for $Ca77.89 no postage charge.  Unfortunately being due out in November it is just at the time my overseas posting comes to an end so I'll have to wait before I get back to home country before ordering it just in case it is late as you can't redirect parcels here only letters.


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“Amazon say this book is released on 30th September.”
When I rang the Institute at Annapolis yesterday about something else, I asked was their date of publication correct, they stating yes.
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Paul Napier

Both of the new books I preordered in the last year actually arrived significantly after their initial promise dates so I'm not crossing my fingers.