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This is the group�s monthly reminder informing you that you are a member of the Railwaygun, Armoured Train and military railway Group at Yahoo! Groups.

We cover all matters related to Military Railways, full-size, and Model, and "Big guns" fixed and Mobile and model. The group has been running for 13 years, and has 8724 messages archived. Please search these for information on any topic in this area.

The Files and photos archives contain many useful documents as well.

We currently have 366 members worldwide including historians, modellers, Museum members, and Military. If you need an answer, the group can help.

This email is sent for three reasons.
1. To find email addresses that are no longer good
2. To remind members on how and to use the Yahoo!
Group features and
3. To point out common mistakes.

Features . . .

Yahoo! Groups gives each group 100MB of space. Please share your work with others by uploading to the group�s file area. Also Yahoo! Groups have an online database feature. While limited in size � 1000 records and record categories � I believe 10. It is still can be put to lots of uses with a little inventiveness.

please use compression s/w when you upload pictures, such as Shrink Pic (freeware)

Email etiquette . . .

All members � please cleanup replies. While the whole original post is sometimes needed to make sense of a reply, often the original post can be snipped down to the subject of your response.
What I definitely don�t want are original posts with a �me too�

Publicly disapproval of any post or feature use is NOT allowed.
If you object to a post or the use of a feature, email the list owner.

Attachments are not permitted. All new members are moderated.

Posts from Commercial members about services/models/items are encouraged - not daily please!

Best wishes

Nicholas Robinson
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