Ambulance Trains, opens 7 July 2016 at NRM, York

nicholas robinson

Ambulance Trains, opens 7 July 2016

Step into a forgotten First World War story. The new exhibition tells the forgotten story of the ambulance trains used to evacuate sick and injured troops on an unprecedented scale during the First World War. Step on board a railway carriage to discover the experiences of the passengers, and the medical staff who cared for them under extraordinary circumstances. Explore a rich treasure trove of photographs, technical drawings and diaries to uncover the moving stories of some of the millions who travelled on board, as well as the railway staff who built the trains at incredible speed. A series of free talks by curators, experts and descendants of ambulance train staff will delve even deeper into this fascinating subject, and a special exhibition trail will be available for families.

Details of all of the events can be found on at National Railway Museum