A bit of Australiana

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

The following are links to a chaps website that looks at military aspects of the Victorian State Railways in Australia.
They having some good photos.
Australian Light Railway Operating Company in France, with some excellent photos of light rail and standard gauge loco’s.  Has a film clip of hospital trains.
The Victorian Railways war work
This a site on the VICTORIAN RAILWAYS VOLUNTEER REGIMENT, has some interesting photos of a Royal train for which they provided the escort for.
this is my entry on the regiment from a ongoing project relating to the regiments and corps of the Australian Army from 1788.
NO THE VICTORIAN RAILWAYS VOLUNTEER REGIMENT. The last military body raised by the Victorian Colonial Government before Federation, Order in Council 20th December, 1900 (GO 94). Its formation was highly recommended by the Victorian Railway Commissioners, with Lieutenant Colonel John Walter Hacker, DAQMG of the Forces as its CO. Raised from railway employee's or from private companies employed on railway business, with a company of railway engineers, and a transport company. Established for 200 it quickly at full strength, HQ and Orderly Room at the Engineers Depot, Alexandra Avenue. 27 th October, 1903, saw it retitled the Victoria Railways Infantry, established for two 60 man company's (one a major, the other a captain, both with two subalterns, four staff sergeants/sergeants, two drummers or buglers, 51 rank and file). Disbanded 20 th July, 1904 due to a lack of members and general disinterest. Uniform of a scarlet tunic, with upright collar with a flaming grenade badge and brass buttons, blue trousers with a scarlet stripe, blue slouch hat with scarlet puggaree, and blue glengarry with scarlet crown, a very dark grey greatcoat, with straight brass shoulder titles of 'V.R.V.R.' (a semi-circular Railways is also recorded).


1. On the 27th December, 1900, a Rifle Club was stood up, Melbourne (Victorian Railways Rifle Club), it would appear that the Regiment was a enthusiastic rifle organisation with a number of members participating in the Colony's teams for the Bisley Rifle Competitions in the UK.

2. He became the Chief Accountant of Victorian Railways.

3. The raising of the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps in 1911 saw its ten Victoria officers as having served in the Regiment, while the raising of 41st Railway Squadron (SR) and its sponsoring by Victorian Railways in 1954, saw it claiming origins with the Regiment!