locked Copyright issues #DiscussionAboutGroup


These have been a problem on other groups. Below is the NGauge group statement.

Do we need something similar??


We have a handful of rules!! 

1. Do not post copyright material unless you own the copyright or have permission from the owner to post it. By posting you give permission for it to be distributed and quoted as part of the operation of this group. If at some future time it is necessary to transfer the group to another platform, you give permission for this provided the new group has 
similar features and allows you to retain copyright. 

2: Only quote relevant parts of a message, but do include some context for the sake of members who read individual emails

3: Respect for the individual - respect other's opinions. They *may* be right! If you find a posting objectionable, it is usually better to report it to the moderators using the "Contact Group Owner" link at the bottom of each message rather than start an argument.

4. Please keep postings "on topic", that is relating to N Gauge modeling. Don't start political discussions. Postings about the running and management of the N Gauge Society should have the #NGS tag included in the subject line (it is hoped that another group or forum restricted to NGS members will be set up shortly for such discussions). If a discussion drifts into something not related to the topic heading start a new topic and if it is not much to do with n gauge modeling include the #OffTopic tag.

5: This is a family group - offensive language will not be tolerated. Using * to blank certain letters of words will not be tolerated either.

6: SPAM will not be tolerated - you will be removed from the list and the offending email will be removed from the group's archives.

7: Reasonable N Gauge advertising from traders and manufacturers is allowable i.e. announcing availability of new products, replying to questions asking about products, adverts in your signature. As long as they are N Gauge specific. Please add the #Trade tag to the subject line of postings about new products

8. If you have items you want to sell, please put the hashtag #ForSale in the subject line. These postings will be automatically deleted after 1 month.

A feature has just been added to allow a hashtag to specify "reply to sender only". I have set this on #ForSale