Raymond Lorts, Sr,

Hi Guy's; I got out library in Portland,Oergon. Model Railroader Layout design Planning.

Model Railroads go to WAR.

DOD  Railroad  Equipment;   Using    Commercial  Car's.

Oversized  equipment  and vehicles like  the M-1 Abrams  tanks and M-88

Recovery  vehicles  ,must be shipped on flatcars that are specially outfitted

ot accommodate Heavy loads.

Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet (DFRIF) ,also known by their

DODX  Reporting marks.

  The DFRIF CONSISTS primarily  of 140-ton,six-axle heavy rail flatcars

and the Army Strategic Mobility Program .

                                2015  DFRIF    Fleet

                             40000series  68',6-axle ,140-ton  flatcars

                        41000 series  68' ,4-axle 100-ton flatcars

                      42000 series   89' 4-axle 90-ton flatcar


                      48000  series 89' ,4-axle ,75-ton flatcar


                                Special  purpose  car's      134

                                 Petroleum  tank car's      210

                                Chemical  tank car's                17

                             Miscellaneous   car's            47

                                Raymond Lorts   Sr

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