[railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] Messages being copied to other outlets

Nigel Attwood

Mr Mackinlay,


I am sorry that you feel so aggrieved over the matter below and I apologise for the upset it has caused.


The fact is that we have not published an article written by you, but repeated a message that you placed in the public domain advising readers to check out Brendon Judds “Desert Railway” book. In line with public domain etiquette we credited the source (i.e. you) and did not alter the text.


In the WW1RSG Bulletin we have been discussing railways at Mudros associated with the Gallipoli campaign with its strong ANZAC connections. Naturally the discussion spun off into the WW2RSG area due to the Aus and NZ railway activities in the Eastern Med. There was quite limited knowledge within the group about this so your finding a book on the subject has proved an invaluable pointer to further our knowledge.


I will contact the gentleman in Berlin as obviously he has some additional information that may benefit the group.


Nigel Attwood

Editor WW2RSG


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Subject: [railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] Messages being copied to other outlets



I received at the weekend a email from a gentleman in Berlin.


He querying a article that I put up on WW2RSG Bulletin.


This I had absolutely no idea as to what it was.  He responded to my query re it, telling that it is 'World War 2 Railway Study Group' - which has a bi-monthly Bulletin, in which my info had been printed.


Whilst I would have no problem if formally asked if any of my writings could be publishing in this Bulletin, I am concerned that messages are being posted onto it carte blanch.  With the group member so doing is somewhat rude!!!


Asking around, a chap who belongs to the Study Group stated that such messages have been put up for quite a number of years! 


I find it bad enough that one has to be careful about what one writes in case it offends some loon, but, to find that such is being placed onto a document which I know nothing about concerns me.


MACKINLAY  New South Wales

PS.  The Paranoia of the internet in which we have to look over our shoulder!