Messages being copied to other outlets

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

I received at the weekend a email from a gentleman in Berlin.
He querying a article that I put up on WW2RSG Bulletin.
This I had absolutely no idea as to what it was.  He responded to my query re it, telling that it is 'World War 2 Railway Study Group' - which has a bi-monthly Bulletin, in which my info had been printed.
Whilst I would have no problem if formally asked if any of my writings could be publishing in this Bulletin, I am concerned that messages are being posted onto it carte blanch.  With the group member so doing is somewhat rude!!!
Asking around, a chap who belongs to the Study Group stated that such messages have been put up for quite a number of years! 
I find it bad enough that one has to be careful about what one writes in case it offends some loon, but, to find that such is being placed onto a document which I know nothing about concerns me.
MACKINLAY  New South Wales
PS.  The Paranoia of the internet in which we have to look over our shoulder!