14 inch gun firing

Phil Gilson

This photo of a 14-inch naval gun on a railway mount is found on p.62 of the book "Meuse Argonne to the Armistice, available in pdf from the Center for Military History -the US Army's history cache.

Another pic

USN 14-inch Rwy gun firing


Assembling the piece in France


The top photo shows the gun firing, the next shows the assembly of the piece in France starting with the wheels.

Full article at

and it contains a pic of ADM Plunkett.

Fast forward to the locating the Argentine navy submarine lost in 2017.

video at bottom (with a lovely rendition of "Eternal Father, strong to save)

The captain of the survey ship is Oliver Plunkett.

His namesake was named archbishop of Ireland in 1661 but had a very hard time due to widespread intolerance towards people of his religious persuasion.