La sesta Arma - the 6th weapon (WW1 Italian military rail) #Books_publications

nicholas robinson

What you have in your hands is not a war book, but a railway history. Reconstructs and recalls the technical support in men, vehicles and facilities that the railways profused to support our soldiers during the first World Conflict. In a transport world that at that time still saw the use of animal traction, and the mechanical one was the prerogative of a few, only the railways were able to provide tactical and logistical support over long distances, ensuring an unequaled transport volume.

Trains and military transport, translated and mobile fire support with armed navy and army trains are just some of the topics covered. Alongside the State Railways, there are private railways and tramways involved in the conflict, offering a glimpse of the Austrian railway reality of the time. And again the field railways in both camps, the hospital trains and the confiscated rolling stock, that of war prey and arrived to Italy in account of damage repair of war and a summary of the lines including new national borders after the conflict. All this following the thread of historical events, from May 24, 1915 in Caporetto, to the armistice of Villa Giusti and beyond, events in which the railways were always protagonists so as to be gratified, after the conflict, like the "Sixth Weapon".