Great War Steam Fair 2016


Imagine these machines in the mud of Belgium and France.

Phil, Bklyn

Well I suppose it is a story that sells newspapers to the punters!

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

WWI arty in postcards


 Many photos, illustrations, drawings will be familiar to members of this group

Metro Postcard WWI Artillery

1-  23pp of traditional field artillery scenes

2- RR arty included in this section

Phil, Bklyn


Re: This Polish/German armoured train story is really very persistent!


In all these news items throughthe months, I hadn't seen one question asked whom the gold belongs to, if found. If the train was coming from East to Germany, and got stuck in Poland, it could only be either looted 'gold' from the former USSR, or looted 'gold' from the repressed Jewish population. It certainly wasn't either Polish or German 'gold' by 1944.

If indeed there is a 'train', it seems to me the real story will start only after the dig.



This Polish/German armoured train story is really very persistent!

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

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Heavy Metal Meets the Rails: Russian Armored Trains Begin Exercises in Volgograd

Andrew Grantham

A Sputnik News article about modern Russian armoured trains

[insert usual disclaimer about the source]

Heavy Metal Meets the Rails: Russian Armored Trains Begin Exercises in Volgograd

Andrew Grantham

OH NO story

Daniel Jackson <djaxon@...>

WOW! Great Link.  Thanks Mr. Mackinlay. 

I have spent countless hours digging up pistol bullets and shell cases.  But I never found any gold.

I am looking forward to the "streaming"!!


Oooooh NO Not that story again!!!!!

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

AW: [railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] eBay August 05, 2016

Jens O. Mehner

112064328238  --  USA navy sub on TTX Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.


That is a DSRV, a Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle, used to rescue crews from sunken submarines


112064326630  --  USA navy boat on Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.


Not a navy boat, but the US Army’s MOFAB, Mobile Floating Assault Bridge/Ferry. On land it is steered from the cab, in water by a massive steering wheel at the rear. There are some bits and bobs missing, including the foldable treadways on the sides.


391512912458  --  1962 USA SPG small enclosed compartment.


The Swedish stamp on the back was already a good indicator that it was not an US Army vehicle. It is the Artillerikanonvagn Akv 151 prototype SPG, based on the indigenous Swedish KRV tank chassis, only one built, but well photographed – the original is in the Försvarsfordonsmuseet Arsenalen in Strängnäs. When the KRV project was cancelled, Bofors put the gun on a chassis based on the Stridsvagn 103 and this developed the Bandkanon Bkan 1, which served from 1967 to 2003 in the Swedish army.


222179449072  --  1969 French SPG.


AMX Mk 61 (AMX-105A), based on the AMX-13


Some of the auctions did not show for me, although I also checked the ended ones.





Jens O.

eBay August 05, 2016

Daniel Jackson <djaxon@...>

Hello Group,   Here are some items to explore on eBay.     Dan

351788932553  --  1932 USA Railwaygun 8 inch fires at Ft Hancock NY.


391515057684  --  1927 USA engines to pull submarine out of water into building?

401159440365  --  1930s USA porter engine New York Navy Yard.

371675781921  --  1936 USA USN Helium car end view # USNX1005.

112064328238  --  USA navy sub on TTX Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.

112064326630  --  USA navy boat on Trailer Train Freight Flat Car.

131888080883  --  Japan freight cars 1930s. ( Intel files )


201631509155  --  USA 14 inch coast artillery, colorized.

152176761057  --  WW1 Royal Garrison Artillery landing at Gallipoli Dardanelles.

361625241648  --  1953 USA annie kicks up some dust in black and white.

391512912458  --  1962 USA SPG small enclosed compartment.

222179449072  --  1969 French SPG.


271899012851  --  1946 USA V2 rocket closeup of mobile launcher.


Raymond Lorts, Sr,

Hi guy's;  I got today 100 Years of Tanks. Pg  15 The WW II ARMORED TRAIN COLLECTION.  HO-GAUGE

                                             Ray Lorts  Sr

It might take me a bit of time to respond to you, but i will respond to you.  Thanks for your patience's.

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Not quite what one thinks of when you hear "armoured train"


2 pics from a naval site.
This is the caption to the first pic: "A British armored train designed and
manned by Terrible’s crew during the Second Boer War, covered with 6 inch
anchor rope, provided by the Royal Navy, to provide it protection. The
improvised additional armor was the source of its name, “Hairy Mary.”
(Photo from the McGregor Museum)"


A new book on the military naming of UK locomotives

Gordon Angus Mackinlay

Re: Txt book of Ordnance & Gunnery

nicholas robinson

this is a page with the illustrated versions & original book

Best Wishes


eBay July 25, 2016

Daniel Jackson <djaxon@...>

Hello Group,     Here are some items to explore on eBay.     Dan

142046732706  --   1930s USA Railwaygun pair firing Ft. Kamehameha Oahu Hawaii.


351774511906  --  WW1 German A7V loading onto rail car.

351769227436  --  WW1 British Narrow Gauge Light Railway in Belgium.

401151414875  --  USA flatcar with two older M60 series tanks.

291824538632  --  2014 USA yellow flatcar with semi truck for missile transport.

Hospital Trains

222197736763  --  WW1 French Red Cross nurses waiting for train of wounded soldiers.

311656407643  --  WW1 French art chemistry car.

152167514079  --  WW1 French DELANDRE LABEL HOSPITAL TRAIN. (stamp art)

122022541426  --  WW1 French interior view and stats on back.

162133776843  --  WW1 British Hampshire Netley Ambulance Train Arriving at RV Hospital.

252446261673  --  1914 British RED CROSS TRAIN, A TRAVELING WARD.

162142400754  --  WW1 Royal Navy Fixed & Swing Cots in a R.N. Ambulance Train

152173258523  --  WW1 British Hospital Train kitchen interior.

152173258501  --  WW1 British Hospital Train interior Officers compartment.

222190000180  --  WW1 Swiss train, Red Cross, wounded soldiers, art card.

201630557020  --  WW2 1944 France Hospital train of 20 box cars.


152145355032  --  1860s USA civil war cannon side view.

401146219623  --  1897  USA Fort Barrancas Pensacola Florida.

142040486442  --  1911 Krupp coastal gun.

191925268554  --  1930s USA Coast Artillery Corregidor Fort Mills Smith battery.

142053812844  --  1930s USA Coast Artillery Corregidor Fort Miills shiney barrel.

361633579724  --  1930s USA Coast Artillery CORREGIDOR FORT MILLLS.

201616659322  --  1930s USA Coast Artillery CORREGIDOR BARRACKS & SMITH GUN

361633643748  --  1936  USA Coast Artillery 12 inch Gun photo Oahu Hawaii.

142046726472  --  1930s USA Coast Artillery 16 inch fires at Ft. Weaver Oahu Hawaii.  

311658743403  --  1920s USA Coast Artillery 16 inch Gun on M1919 Barbette, Hawaii.

351735960347  --  WW2 Maunsell Sea Fort in the Thames Estuary.   4.2 inch?

222143035845  --  WW2 Bunker and cannons.

351772502917  --  1950s US 280 mm in Europe.

1945 USA 240 mm artillery in Panama Zone 9 pictures.

122045478351   122045478305   371682514097  371682514082  371682513676

122045477741   122045477711   122045477685  122045477626   


182203690311  --  Fantasy toy King Shark weapon system.


371663202896  --  Fake shell??

Re: [railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] Txt book of Ordnance & Gunnery


Dr Robinson - A great find! Thank you for posting the link.

Phil, Bklyn

On 07/25/16, ndprobinson@... [railwaygun] wrote:

Txt book of Ordnance & Gunnery

nicholas robinson

[1-87_Military_Models] New Wingy Think [1 Attachment]

Raymond Lorts, Sr,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Snafu Brothers snafu_brothers@... [1-87_Military_Models] <1-87_Military_Models@...>
Date: Sun, Jul 24, 2016 at 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: [1-87_Military_Models] New Wingy Think [1 Attachment]
To: "1-87_Military_Models@..." <1-87_Military_Models@...>

[Attachment(s) from Snafu Brothers included below]

Brian thanks for calling it to our attention.  Too early for us, hopefully Herpa will come out with some later goodies.
Attached a photo of a 1/100 Ar 196 we got from France, in dire need of a paint job and needs to be militarized.
A Tin Tin figure was thrown in, it might be 1/48  or 1/56 scale?. For some reason, Snafu the Elders wife rescued him before he was chucked into the dust bin.

On Sunday, July 24, 2016 10:10 AM, "brijbrown@... [1-87_Military_Models]" <1-87_Military_Models@...> wrote:

Here is an unusual new release from Herpa, perhaps of particular interest to Ian and/or the Snafu Brothers:

Brian B.

It might take me a bit of time to respond to you, but i will respond to you.  Thanks for your patience's.

Re: [railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] eBay July 02, 2016

Robert Duchesneau


361590495839  --  1898 USA Big Guns at Fort Adams, Newport RI. enhanced photo. (6-16)


Typical of 1860s-1870s installations for 15-inch Rodman smoothbore guns, which remained in service until replaced circa 1900.  These are front pintle mountings; in some locations these were on center pintle mountings.

201606293440  --  WW2 USA ship gun, maybe twin 20 mm?     (6-28)


331889845701  --  WW2 Russian 12 inch cannon in cement position. (English info on back?)

From the note on the back, I’m pretty sure this is actually Battery DeRussy at Fort Monroe, Virginia

311642162485  --  1940 USA 14 inch Dis. Gun Bat. Potter Ft Hancock NJ 245th CA.(see back info) (6-28)

This would be a 12-inch gun (Fort Hancock had no permanently mounted 14-inch guns, although they were proved there) and it’s not Battery Potter, which had almost-unique gun lift mountings.  There were three other 12-inch disappearing batteries at the fort, though.  The gun lift emplacements can be seen at .


-Robert Duchesneau

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