metal K5 gun in 1/10 or 1/11 (Spur 5)


Hi all,

coming weekend at the Echtdampf-Treffen in Sinsheim,
the Spur 5 model of the K5 will be announced by Berliner-Eisenbahn.

The model will be in a very limited quantity and can only be ordered
during a limited time after announcement.
The exact scale still has to be decided. The model has to be able to run on
5 Gauge / Spur 5 track. Exact scale is 1/11,
(Many waggons and locomotives are built in 1/10 with a narrower axle)

The model will be built with the aid of original Krupp factory drawings.
It will be a 'working' metal model.

The K5 will be a so-called 'Projektarbeiten'.
This means, when joining the project, a fee of about 300 Euro per month will be
charged. In order to make the project more accessable.

A WR360 C14 locomotive will be available too. And maybe in a later stage
other waggons.

Just contact me if you are interested.

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