[railwayguns, armoured trains and Military Railways] Re: Voegel turntable


Time in and out of action for a Voegel turntable was really an
irrelevant factor since they were largely used only in long term
static firing positions such as the Atlantic Wall and the siege of
Leningrad, where there wasn't much urgency to get them setup really
quickly. In historical context, the Germans had used far, far more
complex and labor and material intensive firing platforms for
railguns and other heavy guns in the First World War, compared to
them the Voegel was labor cheap and easy to handle, which is why the
Germans were fond of it in WWII.
Its beginning to sound like that perhapts in Montelimar, no
turntables were used, in which case, the Germans had to use curves in
the track to target a location ? At best, wouldnt that be a
essentially random chance to be able to hit a target location or not ?



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