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There is some conflict of sources then, because other sources state
that the Kelley Mount,as the Mount 155mm Firing Platform, T6E1, and
later adopted as 155mm Gun Platform, M1, as it was popularly called,
did reach both Army units and Marine Defense Battalions in the
Pacific by late in the war(although photos of Marine 155mm guns I
have seen don't show it in use). The unit cost for it in WWII was
supposedly $4,964.00.

For members who aren't familar with the mount, there is a nice photo
of a 155mm M1 on one at:

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Lee wrote : "The moble Panama mount never did see much use, its
use was
mostly in
the Pacific by units such as the Marine Defense Battalions. And
compared to the heavy cumbersome naval 7", 5" and 3" mounts that
they had had to deal with at the beginning of the war, the mobile
mount was rather easy to deal with in the long run."

If you read :
UPDEGRAPH Charles L. Junior. US Marine Corps Special Units of
World War II.
Marine Corps Historical Reference Pamphlet, Historical Division,
Washington DC, 1972. SC, photos, 105p. (reprinted on a number of

The section on Marine Defense Battalions states that they never
used the US
CAC Mobile Panama Mount as it was far too heavy and complex, and
improvisation of coast defence mounts were made.

As I stated in my initial message, the Panama mount was in two
variants for
the M1917 and the M1 155mm guns. In the early 1950's, proponents
of the
then defunct CAC won approval for the National Guard on the West
Coast to
have M1 155mm battalions assigned to coast defence. Since the
guns would
not fit onto the M1917 mounts, well over 900 new mounts were built
(each two
gun battery having a average cost of $450K at 1950 prices). In
commonsense pervailed and the scheme was shelved, with the NG
assigned to the Field Army. A old friend of mine, after
graduation from
West Point and assignment to the Corps of Engineers in 1959, was
the task of maintaining these 450 odd battery positions and their
infrastucture, even though they had absolutely no role in time of
The cost of maintaining them was more than it cost to maintain a
brigade in Germany!


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