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Hi Peter,

you have a really good point there.
It is one of my main worries.
I would be very interested to hear what kind of arrangements fellow
collectors have made
to protect there collections for the future.
And how they share their material.

On one hand, I can agree with the opinion that original material with
historical value
should in fact be shared to anybody who is interested.
This is what we expect from a museum our governmental archive.
On the other hand, there are some barriers to do the same thing with a
private collection.
Without bringing back the whole discussion we just had, there is a risk
that the material which is
shared with the community will be used in many ways. Good ones and bad ones.
Another thing is the value of the material.
As we all can see on Ebay, unpublished material is much more expensive
than press photo's and
published material. Many private collectors spend about their whole
income to their hobby.
Once published, their investments will lose a lot of their value.
And the material is less interesting for trading too.

In the area of art, the main museums are quite serious in protecting
pieces of historical value.
And sharing them with the community.
In the field of military history it is not always done that serious.
Some years ago, one of the main collections of original Krupp and
Rheinmetall artillery
and railgun drawings was offered by it's owner to the big military
museums and archives.
They had a limited interest, but no money.
But even if they would have had the money, I am not sure if we were
better off.
It took me a lot of effort to get any information from those archives.
In one case, photo's, drawings and other data of the V2 launcher train
seemed to be deliberately
hidden... By coincidence I got access.
In favour of the archives I must admit they always have a lack of personnel.

Maybe it is about time to find a way to publish scans of valueable
material in private collections
in a way that protects the copyrights of the owners and maybe
compensates for the loss of value.
I hope the lists members will have some good idea's...
If we can work something out, It is worth this discussion in the list I

take care,


Peter Ellis wrote:

The message <cl5sop+4tlb@...>
from "Lee" <lunterborn@...> contains these words:

The real threat to the list is a lack of total commitment by members
to the free exchange of ideas/information.
And I say that as someone who has had work that I have written
ripped off by others in past years without credit or
That experience still hasn't dampened my feeling that freely
exchanging information is still the best approach that benefits
everyone in the end, and that those who have such information have a
responsibility to make it available to the many with as few
restrictions as is possible.
If your main concern is solely to jealousy guard your unpublished
material, then belonging to a list that exists for the free exchange
of information is probably not really the place to be, unless your
intent is only to take, and not freely give.

Interesting comment. I realise we are in danger of moving off the
original point about copyright of a recent magazine but I agree on
sharing info otherwise. I'm very interested in seeing the widest
possible distribution of any information. There was a lot of paperwork
around in 1945 that has long since gone, as nobody valued it. Any stuff
in private collections is in danger of going the same way. If you go
under a bus, what arrangements have you made to ensure that your
relatives don't just junk a valuable collection that they neither
understand or know what to do with? Keeping the originals can be an
aspect of collecting, but sharing the contents ensures that the
knowledge remains available through the widest possible distribution.
A particularly good example is Thomas Nosske's EpII German railways
site, in which whilst collecting old documents, he also posts them on
his site, enabling scrutiny of original source material.


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