Leopold and copyrights


Dear listers,

Buying a magazine doesn't mean you own the copyrights of the contents.
Trading scans doesn't mean you can publish them.
Copyrights remain with the owner.
This is just european law.

The opinion mr. Rathe just wrote down is a real threat to our list.
I have a huge amount of original and rare material on german, british and french railguns
and various military railway subjects.
In the past I have been naive several times and shared unpublished material with others.
Several times I was ripped off by people that appearently more or less have the same opinion
as mr. Rathe.

Since quite some time I decided to share the material only with members that I can trust.
And not with any others.
I think it is a real shame I cannot provide you all with interesting material, which I would prefer to do.
But the message of Mr.Rathe once again proves, I better be carefull.

That is why this way of thinking is a threat to the list.
I think the discussion about this matter is very important for the list.
Therefor, I would like to suggest Mr.Rathe to unsubscribe if he is not willing
to 'read on this list disparaging opinions....', as he stated.
Especially if he offences honourable authors like Mr. Prigent

And thanks Peter for immediately taking action!

kind regards,


Jean-Guy Rath� wrote:

I'm not a modellist, do not personally know any of the protagonists, nor am
I directly interested by the highlighted articles.
But I would really appreciate not having to read on this list disparaging
opinions based on "articles of faith" or on trendy but unfounded reasons.
And if this was ever posted with pseudo-commercial motivations, it is even
less acceptable.

There's no good reason why Peter should be ashamed. He did not "rip off",
steal, publish, sell, or pirate anything, unless one insists in distorting
the true meaning of words. Claims of consequential damage remain virtual
only and cannot be demonstrated.
And it might be sad to say (at worst), but what the article's author
feelings are is immaterial to Peter's actions.

Everybody has the right to give or share for free what he owns. It is the
undue taking of a benefit for such action that makes it reproachable,
possibly illegal.

Please, Mr Prigent, you need to think more about taking this kind of public
stand in the future.

Jean-Guy Rath�

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