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Hi all,

I agree with John,

It does make a difference to the autor of an article.
I did only a few publishing projects.
In most cases publishers will only pay a very small amount to the
writers of articles.
Sometimes they don't pay at all.

Once an article is put on internet, the author cannot write a similar
article for another
magazine, since it is available for free. And the author will not be
able to earn a little more.
That is one of the reasons why publishing an article without having the
permisson of the
autor is called theft.

Another thing is that the author remains the creative owner of the
content, also after publishing.
He is the one who decides in which magazine, newsgroup, book etc. he
wants his work beiing used.
There are many sites on the web, one would never like his articles
beiing published, regarding
their political behaviour...


Peter Ellis wrote:

The message <1d7.2d7b9cc7.2ea6d804@...>
from JPrigent@... contains these words:

You should be ashamed to rip off a copyright article in the very
latest issue
of a widely available magazine. I have forwarded your post to the
editor of
Military Modelling. If I had the author's email to hand I would send it to
him as well. He is a friend of mine and you have no right to place
his work on
the internet for everyone to copy. How would you like to have your
own work
ripped off by everyone on the internet!

This kind of behaviour is not acceptable.


I take your point re copyright. However, this is a closed user group and
the magazine is not widely available to many if not most of the
membership. Few of us are in the UK, and obtaining a single copy of the
magazine is neither easy or practical. I have a UK email address but
have not lived in the UK for well over a year. MM is certainly not
readily available in Croatia. Looking at the author's article will not
make any financial difference to the author, whose work will be
appreciated by a wider audience and who has hopefully already been paid
by the publisher. There is no financial gain for anyone.



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