Tracked Leopold different design


I have the original drawing of a K5 carriage mounted on two tracked 'boogies', not beiing a Tiger1 or Tiger2.
But a special design. Each one having 38 wheels, in total 76 wheels. The arrangement is more resemblant to that of the Neubaufahrzeuge. Track width is 80cm
Both have their own 'Kraftzentrale'. Each one haveing a Rokoelmotor at 800ps, a 250Volt generator at 600KW and two 'Hauptstrom' motors at 200PS.

The main body of this K5 has outriggers with a sidewheel.
Total length is 35,6 meters.
A design I have never seen on any other design.



Rolf Giebeler wrote:


Friday, June 25, 2004, 8:43:16 AM, you wrote:

DD> Morning guys. What kind of tanks was going to be used on the
DD> tracked Leopold? Tiger I or Tiger II. I have seen the drawing of
DD> it but can make out what kind of tanks was used. Also what would
DD> be a good kit to start with for the tracks? Thanks for the help.

DD> Donald


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... it was planned to use bodies of Tiger 2 ("King Tiger").

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