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Hi Joe and Donald,

I am collecting original railgun material since a long time, but never
came across any photo of a K5
on the type of turntable offered by Trumpeter.
I do have a photo of this turntable used for the K12 railgun though, so
it actually did excist.

kind regards,

Joseph Koss wrote:

It is a great idea, but nothing I've seen published indicates that this
method of traversing the gun was ever used. Unfortunately, in its
effort to be "multi-lingual" in the instructions by providing only
pictures and no text, Trumpeter gives no information on any historical
aspect of the gun, including and especially this turntable. Perhaps
the more informed members of the group can comment further on this.

Joe Koss
IPMS Anchorage

On Sunday, June 20, 2004, at 05:18 PM, Donald Dunn wrote:

Were turntables like the one that comes with Trumpeter's Leopold kit
actually used?


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