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Robert E. Duchesneau

Congratulations on realizing what I'm sure is a fine product. Dumb
question. I suppose you know that the guns at Ft. Macarthur were completely
different from the US Navy WW1 guns?

The gun on display at the Washington Navy Yard still has the spoked wheels.

I suspect the "Woozlefinch" nickname dates from 1919, when the Army's Coast
Artillery Corps took over the guns from the Navy (and repainted them "U. S.
A."). The "Oozlefinch" is the mythical bird-like mascot of the Coast
Artillery Corps.

-Rob Duchesneau

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Greetings and a happy holiday season to all. I will be sending the good
doctor some pics, since AOL has some nasty firewalls that seem to interfere
with mailing photos to the group. I just finished the castings on the US
50 cal 14 inch guns that were shipped to France in WWI. These were nicknamed
"Woozlefinches" and should complement my Paris gun and French M74 models.
This will be my first kit offered-only six pieces to assemble, and will
require two sets of Micro Trains three axle "commonwealth" trucks, to be
bought seperately. I suggest Minfigs British artillery crews to man it. The
only modifying needed will be cutting the couplers off two of the four
trucks("bogies" to my Euro-friends). The original US design called for
outside-braced trucks with normal US-style journal boxes-what had kept me
from producing this was that the only pics I had were of the guns with
European-type spoked wheels. New reference sources from Fort MacArthur, here
in Los Angeles,freed me from that requirement.
Best to all!
Andy Bradshaw

The Railwaygun, Armoured train and Military railway museum

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