Re: V2 rocket firing trains


Hi Tim,

I have been studying this subject for quite some time and so far the facts
are that no v2-trains were
used operational. Only at Peenemuende three rocket-launching waggons were
tested, but never put in to service.

But you never know.....

There were a lot of V2 rocket supply trains travelling through the
Netherrlands during late war years.
Possibly these were the subject of the text you have red.



brenzett_wing wrote:

I have happened upon an interesting snippet while reading a book on
the Hawker Tempest fighter. (Hawker Tempest and Sea Fury by Robert
Jackson Blandford Press 1989)

'Orders were given for attacks on rocket-firing trains, believed to
be operating on the railway connecting Zwolle, Apeldoorn, Deventer
and Amersfoort, and several attacks were made on vehicle parks
beleived to contain rocket equipment.'

Up to now I had been convinced that the train launched V2 was only a
prototype but the report above does provide an interesting starting
point. Perhaps the prototype was deployed operationally or perhaps a
small production run was made.

Tim M

The Railwaygun, Armoured train and Military railway museum

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