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Hi Jim,

depending on the scale and your need for accuracy, this can be a hard one.
I would love to do this flakcar in 1/35th, but couldn't find enough info. (I
am an accuracy freak)
Most difficult part is the donor railcar.
I am 95 percent sure it is not a german one. It very much looks like one of
the types that was used
by the US troops in WW1 on the continent. Many of these remained in Europe.
Maybe the germans captured several and pressed them in service in WW2.
Another option might be an east European type. I know some twin 8,8flak
railcars were photographed in Russia.


Marcel Verhaaf

jamesguld wrote:

I'm trying to find some books on German flak trains. I'm planning on
doing a diorama of a German dual 88mm gun flak car and so far I only
have one picture of it. Its from a Vanguard Series book by
Squadron/Signal on the Herman Goring division on page 14. Any help
would be appreciated.

Jim Guld
Pearl&Guld Ltd.
Santa Fe,NM
Sandia Jeep Club

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