Re: Panzerdraisines (s.SP.) with Flak-mountings


Hi Runkelratz,

I assume you kinow already know the following, but possibly it is
interesting for others too.
The schwere Spaehpanzerdraisinen seem to never have had any Flakversions.
Some sketches do show them, but they didn't come into production.
The Flak of the schwere Panzerspaehzuege were mounted on stakebed flatcars
with added
I have been searching the web and many sources for new info for the same
building a complete sSp-zug in 1:35.
So far I only found out that the donor-waggon used was not of german origin.

It seems to come from Czecho-Slovakia. I will proceed searching.
In case you find something relevant, please let me know.

Kind regards,


runkelratz wrote:

hello all you guys out there,

for a new modelling project (1/35 scale) i'm searching/looking for
drawings, side views and/or pics of the german panzerdraisine
(s.SP.) with anti aircraft guns mounted on. i know there are
existing some drawings of a 20 mm Flakvierling 38 in an open top
mounting, a 20 mm flakvierling in a "Wirbelwind"- box shaped turret
mounting and a 30 mm "Kugelblitz" turret mounting. perhaps there are
more informations out there somewhere .... it would be very helpful
to use these drawings/infos for my modeling project ...

thanks in advance for your help ...

Rolf Giebeler, Germany (Runkelratz)

The Railwaygun, Armoured train and Military railway museum

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