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Javier <xproxect@...>

Hello, Marcel
It would be very interesting to know the faults of tha Azimut kit; it's been used to calculate the cost of the mould, but the the definitive kit will be -if be- completely new, from plans, photos and actual vehicle measurements.
About the Brunos, I consider them more interesting than Leopolds in reason of the smaller dimensions, but I only have photos, good ones, but no plans. I don't know if there is any remaining gun of that type. If you, or anybody, has good references an plans I would, of course, study producing it in plastic before making other K5
Thanks for your answer.
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On Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:43:06 +0200
marcel verhaaf <marcel@...> wrote:
Hallo Xavier,

Why not talk with Azimut/Ironside?

The model they did in 1:35th scale had many bad parts, but many good ones as
It might be interesting for them too, to do a better kit.
When it would be really accurate, I would like to buy one anyhow.

Possibly it is better to do something new:
One of the Bruno guns. Smaller compared with the K5, but still impressive.
For the Bruno I might be able to arrange access to the drawings. And I did
some measuring
and small drawings of the 'Drehstell' of a still excisting boogie.



xaviersanzsanchez wrote:

Hello friends.
After making a line of models in plaster and resin I'm thinking
about making a new kit of the gun in plastic in 1/35; I've contacted
with a person that will study the gun to estimate the cost of the
mould . Do you think it would be a good idea? Do you think I will not
loose my money? I think that it is a good and impressive model, but a
little big; although Famos and Dragon Wagons are big, too.

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