Re: Diorama - 1/144 with Leopold k5 gun and extra bits #Railwayguns #MilitaryRail #Modelling

Phil Holman

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting your experiences of doing almost the exact conversion and modelling that I am currently undertaking.

Your mdels look good!

I hope the ones I am doing look as good once completed.

I have gone about the bogey/wheel convrsion differently thoough, getting US type bogies in the UK is not easy.

i am using an etched subframe within the existing bogie mouldings.

More on thaat once I ge it done!


The railguns plus support wagons will be in Winter Camo paint scheme as that is what the guy has asked for.

The support vehicles are a  bit more of a diverse colour ranging from the Yellow to the Winter mix - all good fun!

Phil H

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