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Phil Gilson

I remember seeing a photo or two where Russian POWs being used as ammo passers on the roofs of flak towers.
On the 120 we had separate 50-pound powder cases and 55-pound projectiles. Firing 10 rounds per minute got us really tired really quickly. I'm glad it was peace time annual qualification and not sustained war time AAA defense.
Here's a link to the M! 120 mm AAA gun and its deployment in San Francisco

Phil Bkln


On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 5:32 PM Peter Ellis <peter.ellis@...> wrote:

Good stuff. It looks as if it is from Waffen Revue originally, going on the printed bits and subject matter.

I only got one advert, at the end.


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On 2/20/20 12:40 AM, Phil Gilson wrote:
Today's find is a 15cm, magazine-fed, auto-loading German WWII artillery piece.
Seven b&w pix of ground mount at various elevations. Only one pic showing it mounted on a depressed center flat car. The a colored drawing (but also ground mount.) I started on a 120mm AAA piece back in 1956 when I joined the US Army.
Text in German. Additional text in English on the website .

Unfortunately the wordpress dot com site is hacked with an ad for NYS DMV appearing after every arty piece oft he artillery piece. I don't know how to "report this ad"

Phil, Brooklyn

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