1918 Gun mfg

Phil Gilson

1918 Gun Barrel Manufacturing Footage. 5:36 video:


Gun barrels are made and assembled in artillery at Bethlehem Steel company plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Manufacture of artillery at Bethlehem Steel company plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, during World War I. Two large steel castings removed from floor molds by crane and quenched in water. A very large rail gun type of barrel on plant floor is examined by an Army officer. A worker crawls through a fabricated steel cylinder, brushing debris from its interior. Water being sprayed over hot machinery and parts. A woman, in hard hat and overalls, operating an overhead crane, moves heavy gun barrels . Men hand finish gun barrels. A crew of men use extremely long wrenches to bolt a gun barrel to a turret. Workers install gun barrels into artillery pieces. Location: Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Date: 1918. kkk

Phil, Bklyn

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