USN 14/50

Phil Gilson

14"/50 (34.5 cm) Mark 4

The 14”/50 cal were used in the railway guns shipped to France in WWI and operated by USN. (See archived threads.) Here's info on their USN use at sea plus add'l info on the secondary 5/25 dual purpose piece.

Caption for attached pic

5"/25 (12.7 cm) AA guns on USS New Mexico BB-44 in June 1944. Note the fuze setting machines next to each weapon. On the two nearest weapons, note the "Hot Case Man" standing behind the breech and equipped with asbestos "catcher's mitts" gauntlets. Their job was to catch the ejected casing and then toss it out of the way of the gun crew. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # 80-G-K-14162

Secondary battery 14 5” guns – Foto showing guns lined up fore-and-aft while transiting the Panama Canal on 25 July 1919

USS New Mexico (BB-40)


This class of BB had 12 of these 14 inch guns in four turrets

2. -

3. -firing main guns off Guam (last of 26 fotos - #24 shows replenishment 14” shells on deck)

    4.List of WWII USN BBs and their gunnery (Shows progression from 12” to 14” and number of turrets

The rabbit hole

    More than you'll ever remember about the USN 5” gun development (Pix and drawings)


    Also attached is a pic of the US Army 120mm AAA gun that I served on in 1956-57..

    Phil, Bklyn

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