Mfg 8 inch HE shell, 1917

Phil Gilson

Mfg an Eight Inch High Explosive Howitzer Shell ?1917

"This film is a heritage item from Library and Archives Canada and is only available in English. Detailed explanation of the manufacturing, inspection and shipping of howitzer shells for use in World War I. The start and finish of each process is shown and the time to complete the operation is noted. Shots of male and female workers leaving the office and factory, the assembly line and a cross section of a shell. Source: Library and Archives Canada.Dundas Historical Society Museum fonds, 1984-0413, IDC 11099. "

All the time and effort to make this item is gone in 1/1000th of a second when the shell explodes! A lot don't. Here's one article about 'no-go' zones:

"The Zone Rouge (English: Red Zone) is a chain of non-contiguous areas throughout northeastern France that the French government isolated after the First World War. ... The area is saturated with unexploded shells (including many gas shells), ..."

Phil, Bklyn

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