Re: Reprints of Miller's 1922 book on railway artillery

Phil Gilson

Gene Slover's website,  Railway Artillery Guns 1921 has a 'click here' box on the USN and an entry deals with the mythical trip pf the USS Constitution in 1798 which relates the prodigious quantities of whiskey and rum captured.

A summary of captured contraband and consumption by the officers and men of the crew works out as follows

USS Constitution Whiskey seizures (1-1/2 oz per serving = 86 shots per gallon)

86 shots/gal x 79,400 gal = 6,828,400 shots

86 shots/gal x 68,300 gal =5,873,800 shots

86 shots/gal x 64,300gal  =5,529,300' shots

86 shots/gal x 40,000 gal =3,440,00shots

Total                              21,828,400 shots

(Excluding the unrecorded booty from the English ships)

Now then the voyage from 7/27/1798 to 2 /20/1799 is 6 months and 24 days = 208 days

/208 days at sea = 104,192 shots per day

/ 475 crew = 219 shots per day per man = 9/10th of a gallon per man per day

Truly a tall tail told by an old sea dog

A lengthy rebuttal is at

More than you want to know about British beer and ale quantities and containers

All-in-all, a delightful rabbit hole to explore.

Phil, Bklyn

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 11:09 PM Robert Duchesneau via Groups.Io <> wrote:
A reprint has been made of LTC Harry W. Miller's post-WWI reference work on railway artillery up to 1920. The two volumes include just about every Allied railway artillery piece used or designed during WWI. Couldn't readily find German weapons, but they may be in there as well. The publisher is in the UK. One can get an E-book version, or the publisher links to Amazon for hardcopy.

Most (not all) of the books' contents are linked for free at

-Robert Duchesneau

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