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Ron Hunt

I sure wished someone made a large scale model of those 8" guns, I would love to have one.


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Thanks Ron -

1- Bermuda Coast Artillery  -,_Bermuda

In that article is a reference to Battery F, 52nd Coast Artillery Regiment (Railway 8-inch gun)

2- 52nd AD Rgt

Which has the history of its formation in WWI and deployment to France as a RR Arty Bn.

3- 8” RR mount

Which has photos of the RR mounts. A caption under the photo of the 8” RR mount has this reference -

4 - 1918 Handbook of Ordnance (in .pdf and other formats)

A Marvelous referral – 551 pages with illustrations, tables and text

Attached is a photo of a NIKE Hercules (w booster) and a NIKE Ajax on display at the American Airpower Museum at Farmingdale Long Island, NY

Phil, Bklyn

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On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 7:23 PM David Ruebsamen <druebsamen@...> wrote:
I am planning a cruise to Bermuda this Spring.  As a side project I was looking at a site that discussed the US  military presence there.  Interesting point which I have yet to research further was the presence of several Railway guns for a number of months in the Second World War.  That must have been quite an undertaking.  And then where did they go?  Anyone have a reference to more specific information?  Otherwise I will update the group as I find further information.

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