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Paul Betts

Very notice video and thanks for posting it.  In all my hunting for information on the K-5s I never saw this video.

A little more information on the guns.

The generator on the K-5 in France is actually the wrong one for the type of gun.  The generator is equipped with the two track system for loading shells while the K-5 itself is only equipped with a single track system.  But it is a generator, which sadly the real Leopold at Fort Lee is missing.  It would be fairly easy to modify, but then how many people will ever notice it?

The Americans actually transported three K-5s to the States after the war.  Obviously two were the aforementioned Leopold and Robert.  In addition they also transported a third gun which had been modified to fire the "Peenemunder Pfeilgeschosse or Penemunde Arrow" type shells, which were  discarding sabot rounds, known as the K-5 Glatt.  Both Robert and the K-5 Glatt met the scrapper's torch eventually.  I have often wondered if the generators were actually transported to the States with the guns.  Photos of Leopold with American troops on it show the camoflage frame on top of the gun, which means the carriage had probably been changed to transport mode.  This mean, as you know, that the generator would have been moved onto the transport flatcar immediately behind the gun.  Did the Americans recognize the need for the generator or did they just figure "we have generators by the ton"?

I have attached a photo of the three guns that I spotted on ebay, sadly I was not able to buy the actual photo.  Notice Leopold, in the foreground, has her barrel pointed to the left.  There are two other barrels on the right, one belonging to Robert and the other to the K-5 Glatt.  In the photo, the generator is missing and the rear truck is in the firing position not the transport position.  Also all of the framework on top of the gun has been cleaned off.

One of these days I'll have to post some photos of my model of the K-5 (Dragon version) which I kitbashed to show the prototype with the barrel frame, the rabbit ears, the extra trunion and the mid frame ladders.  I am one of these people that believe it was not "Bruno Nueue", but that it was the first gun of the K-5 series.  A point that can be discussed at a later time if desired.

I also have two more kits of the Leopold that I am going to use as parts for a build of the K-12N, the WW2 version of the Paris gun.  Mostly I can get the trucks, and many smaller parts out of them, although the trucks have to be modified from 6 axles to 5 axles.  Probably about 75% of the gun will have to be scratch built.  Fortunately I was able to contact someone (name withheld by his request) and got some really nice drawings of the gun that came from Krupp.  I believe they have since been donated back to the German archives.

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