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fantastic video!!!  Where did you get it?  VERY FEW photos in this video have been published before.
At 3.11 minutes there is a beautiful photo of the 28cm.K5(E) Eisenbahn railway cannon ROBERT, it was together with its 'brother' LEOPOLD (of the 712 Eisenbahn-Artillerie-Batterie) at Anzio (Italy) beach head shelling the Allied in WWII.  Both were found at the Civitavecchia rail yard (south of Rome), cpl. with all the supply wagons, because the retreating Germans cannot move them due to the bombing of the railway line (courtesy of the Allied airplanes!). Both were moved to the port of Naples and shipped to Aberdeen Proving Ground for evaluation. ROBERT was used to repair/complete LEOPOLD and later on scrapped.  
The video also shows another K5 (E) preserved at Audinghen (France) near the Bunker of Batterie Todt.  This one is complete with the generator platform, the one at A.P.G. does not have it.
This generator during transport was loaded on a two axle wagon.  This is funny: as you may see from the video the K5(E) at BatterieTodt has been refurbished and LEOPOLD painted on the sides....  Well, "Houston, we have a problem...".  It seems that there were 2 (two!!) LEOPOLD K5(E) r.r. cannons???
Phil can you write for me what the speaker says when comments the video of the Batterie Todt r.r. cannon?? THANKS A LOT.  My English is good but I don't understand what he says!!

The LIMA model, and later on the RIVAROSSI/HORNBY one, unfortunately, do not have the generator platform.  It seems that this model is a scaled down to 1/87-HO from the Hasegawa 1/72 one.  However, the Hasegawa one did have the generator platform.
May be somebody does know if a plastic kit (or  a built model) of the generator is available??

HAPPY NEW YEAR full of many railway artillery models and supply wagons!!  It seems that nobody makes them in 1/87 scale...

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