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Phil Gilson

Nick - Thank you for this list.

The WW2RSG has a broken link. They are still using your old address (@yahoo groups); an Error 404 message is returned upon clicking that link. Attempts to contact them wind up in the internet archive rather than a live person. My downloads from their site go back to 2001.and parallel what's available on the Railwaygun site.

Today I was greeted with the message that I'm visitor 508. I guess there's not much activity to and from that site.(founded in 1989.)

Thanks again for all you do to preserve this history of the railway gun.

Phil Gilson, Brooklyn,NY

On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 4:39 AM nicholas robinson <ndprobinson@...> wrote:

   Museum Sites

·  France

·  Musee de Todt / Atlantic Wall museum , Calais area, France - Leopold K5

·  Russia

Krasnaya Gorka fort (Near Leningrad)


·  - Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA 

·  Dahlgren Naval Proving Ground - Batignolles Type 9 Gun 

·  Washington Navy Yard - 14" gun 

·  UK

·  Woolwich Artillery Museum, UK - 14" gun 

  • 14" British gun at Woolwich, UK (1) (2) (big JPG's) 

UK - Shoeburyness Coastal Artillery Training School - Anyone have info?

   Military Railway links 

  Other Links 

   Military Railway links 

  • The Other Side of the Tracks
  • German Site on the Dora
  • Big guns of the Great War

  Other Links 

  • Scale Model Bookmarks 
  • France 1940
  • Schnabel rail transport cars

  (all contributions welcome)

Modelling Links 

  • Hannants - International mail order of plastic model kits and accessories
  • Hobby Link Japan
  • Red Star Railways - Russian railway specialists



  (all contributions welcome)


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