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nicholas robinson

Thanks for this

I can’t access the old site -when I log on - Noting!

However IO told me that we imported:

546 photos were transferred.

255 files were transferred.

21 links were transferred.

AFAIK this the lot!

There appeared to be no way hat I could d/l photos and messages from Yahoo and a couple of tools I tried did not work.

AT least here, I can archive a members list and a Photos tool will be available RSN!

If anyone else can access the list and d/l the photos/messages,  please do so, and we can share them,

Best wishes


On 29 May 2017, at 02:49, Tony <locowork@...> wrote:

You mean the yahoo site? Still there, did you get the following stuff.
Albums about 46
Using 96.5 MB of maximum 100 GB. 549 photos uploaded so far.
Files about 56 at a guess

sth Oz
bugga it's cold

On 2017-05-25 21:52, nicholas robinson wrote:
I can't access the old site as afaik it has been closed.
All pictures moved I thought. It was not possible For me to archive
the old site. 
Best Wishes
il@...> wrote:
Dr R.-
There are lots of photos from the old site at

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