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Peter Ellis

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I think there is a little confusion here RAF Wittering is near Stamford in Licolnshire, the base near Selsey in Sussex is or was RAF Thorney Island which was the Hercules base when I was with 47 Air Despatch Squadron RCT in the early 1970’s. Definitely no nukes just boring old transport aircraft the Argosy and Beverley were being phased out and fat Albert being introduced. The airfield was too small for the bigger payload aircraft so we moved to Lyneham and Thorney struggled on as a training area for a few years before closure. Wittering in Lincs was a USAF base until 1952 the reopened as a bomber base in 1954 becoming home to the V bombers a couple of years later.
Mea Culpa. Whilst there is a Wittering near Chichester, the local airfield I was confusing it with was Tangmere.

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