Re: Attention Jeff, Galen and Tall Bill-Print and take on bus

Nancy Wolff <nwolff@...>

Dub and Mike, we're gonna miss ya! Two years in a row without you two...
what will we do? So sorry to hear about your injury Dub!

I guess you two will have to make plans for your big return to RAGBRAI in
2003. I'm starting to think when one can't come... the other figures his
way out. We'll try our best to "ride all day AND party all night". It just
won't be the same though.

Take Care,

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Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: [RADPAN] Attention Jeff, Galen and Tall Bill-Print and take on

Ron, Jeff, Galen,

My son Jonathan has decided to stay home and visit with me as I recover
the surgery (#1). This leaves me with getting all the shirts together and
out to IOWA for you RADPANERS. I need for someone to offer to be
for the shirts. I will send a detailed spread sheet of everyones order,
who's paid, and who owes what.
Could someone offer to take on the burden (it only lasts a day or so).
Tks and best wishes for the ride and apres ride.

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Subject: [RADPAN] Attention Jeff, Galen and Tall Bill-Print and take on
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 16:51:50 -0500

The Peoria chapter of RADPAN will meet up with the "Main" RADPAN team bus
on Sat. July 20 at:

Dave's World Truck Stop(exit 112 from Interstate 29)
2650 Iowa Ave North
Onawa, IA
(712) 423-3283

Main RADPAN Bus originating from Alexander, VA

Mapblast estimates 163 miles from Bettendorf to Bondurant-2 hrs and 30
minutes and 180 miles from Tall Bill's to Dave's World in Onawa,-2 hrs
35 minutes, or total driving time of around 5 hours. My recollection is
the stop at Tall Bill's with lunch and some taking showers is at least 2
hours in past years. If this is the case, that would be 7 hours. The
RADPAN bus is not likely to maintain the avg speed estimated by Mapblast
I'll add another hour. This means that from the time the RADPAN bus
Bettendorf until it arrives in Onawa at Dave's place 8 hours will be

Sister RADPAN Bus originating from Peoria, IL

Mapblast estimates 425 miles from our house in Peoria to Dave's World in
Onawa-6 hours . I don't think we will average 70mph as Mapblast
and have added 1 1/2 hours for a total of 7 1/2 hours(57 mph avg.) We
not be stopping by Tall Bill's and will meet up for the first time in


Jeff, it looks like we can make this work if you call me at our home
(309) 637-1748 2 hours before you expect to arrive in Bettendorf. The
it will take to put our things on our bus will likely be about the time
will take for you to add the people and their stuff in Bettendorf. If we
leave Peoria about the time you are leaving Bettendorf we should meet up
Dave's World in Onawa at about the same time. We must meet some distance
out to avoid the RAGBRAI traffic because it would be impossible to try
find our way separately to Sioux Center. I've worked this meeting town
together with Tall Bill.

Drive safely and we look forward to seeing all of you at Dave's World.
We will have phones with us.

Ron Douglas (309) 256-7944

Jim Williams is (309) 256-5262

Ron and Paula

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