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Matt Krouse <MKrouse@...>

Ignore the previous email, it was not too informative...

Matt weighing in... all this pre-party email hoopla has got me in a
dither... the excitement is building... RADPAN is in the HOUSE! OK, coming
in from out of town is: Perry B from Philly, Mikey T from Chicago, Ron &
Paula from Peoria, and Jim C from good 'ol Kentucky... Locals include: Jeff
D and Billy Bass, Dub T, Mike M, Andrea B, Steve "Boner" M, GPS Bill, Tom C,
Rudy B, Susan B, and the Krouse triplets: CIA Charlie, Tim, and Matty-cakes.
The local voted most likely not to show is Randy S. There will be a
smattering of past riders as well, I am sure.

OK, Jeff is in charge of the party. He will email out time and directions
the day of the party, a la Mission Impossible. Actually, for those who have
access to Mapquest, which should be everyone reading this email, type in
Jeff's address and you have directions: 8556 Fisher Woods Drive, Lorton, Va
22079. Hopefully Jeff will send us a start time and other details soon...

Dub is in charge of the Sat morning 9:00 am bike ride. He will undoubtedly
come through with directions, but if you go to Mapquest and try: 100 Church
St, Vienna, Va 22180, that will put you within 100 feet of the red caboose,
the starting point.

Matt is in charge of who sleeps with who. OK, married people sleep with
their spouses, except in the case of Jeff, since Perry is sleeping at
Jeff's, there is a logical "pairing" if you will, right there. And, Jeff
takes care of that O for 2000 thingy. Dub is with Misty, but if he leaves
her at home, Dub is with me (more on this is in a moment). Bones and Andrea
are logicals. Ron and Paula are logicals. OK, if Jim brings his wife or
son or daughter or mother, he is covered. Then there is Mikey-poo from
Chi-town, OK, he shacks with Susan, no ifs, ands or butts. Susan, has the
penicillin cleared everything up? Good. Now if Sarah were coming in to
town, she would shack with my big pimple laden behind. But when she found
that out, she canceled her flight. Then there was Nancy. Ditto, she
canceled her flight. This leaves me with Rosey Palmer or Dub. That's a
50-50 proposition with me.

OK, Perry, thanks for the pix and good chatting with you on the phone...
Also, bike therapy has a website, but it wasn't much help: Actually, I will be bringing the young lady
I'm dating, and if you thought I was obnoxious, well... Anyway, that's it
looking forward to the festivities Sat night, picture and slobber swapping
as well... c-ya!


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Wish I was joining you all at the party this weekend. I'm sure everyone
will have great fun! I will want the update on the shackin' there (Matt).

Perry, thanks so much for the pictures!!! I've done an aweful job the last
two years taking photos. I soooooo appreciate your sharing them with me.

Happy Halloween!

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