Radio Artisan

We love radio and small computing devices and we combine the two to automate, experiment, or just see if something can be done.  We believe it's better to build something with our own hands, however small or imperfect, and improve and expand it over time.
We support experimenters of all levels and exchange ideas about amateur radio hardware homebrewing and software development, especially involving Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, computers, microcontrollers, QRP, CW, DSP, satellites, and open source code.  Most topics relating to any of these are welcome.  Politics, religion, bad karma, mode bigotry, and bad attitudes are not tolerated.  This includes political and religious messages, outright or implied, in postings, email signatures, email addresses, pictures, icons, or avatars.

Be advised that group members come from all around the world and many speak English as a second language.  Please take this into consideration when reading messages or replying.
We are Radio Artisans.  Come join us.

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