saturday's question


hi all,

yesterday, the answer was:

all jake had to do was answer with, " I don't know"

at no point does it say that he had to get the questions right to win the bet, just "I can answer any question"

so, it's time for the link.... now usually when I do this,, it's anything- a person, place or thing, with just a series of clues- but today, it's a person from a song (so I'm giving you a clue before I've started the clues!)

can you work out who I am?

you're clues are:

I am a man, and I am an adult

I am a good friend of this singer

my job is apreciated by a lot of people, and on weekends I can be very busy

I meet a lot of diffrent people, but only in one place (my job is always in the same place)

most of the time people just ask me a question, but I'll talk to them for longer sometimes

my job requires regular stock take, and ordering new stock to keep my customers happy

in the song I am mentioned, I talk to the singer about being unhappy and wanting something else for my life, and my song also talks about other people who are also present at the time.

the song I am mentioned it actually got cut down, and the singer was so mad about it, that he mentioned it in another one of his songs.

the singer who sang about me is extremely famous, he was born in new york, and is still with us (so for those who may have thought freddy mercury, no not him.)

remember, I am looking for the name of the person I am in the song. not the singer


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