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A radical mailing list for proud queer people who choose to be queer and/or who feel the "We can't help it, we were born that way" response to homophobia and transphobia is cowardly, dangerous, and inaccurate. Whether you chose your queerness outright, believe it to be socially constructed, or simply have doubts about the biological explanations for queerness, you're welcome on this mailing list as long as you're clear about one thing: you definitely wouldn't want to be straight! So join this list and next time the Human Rights Campaign Fund declares that queers "can't help it" we'll all kick in our TV screens simultaneously and scream, "We don't want to help it!" 'Cause hey, we don't, you know?

Slightly over one half of our members receive the list in the form of individual emails, while another one fourth subscribe to the digest version and the remaining one fourth just read the messages on the website. Approximately two thirds of those who receive the list in the form of individual emails have participated in the conversation, whereas one third of "digest" and "web only" subscribers have participated in the conversation.

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Highest Traffic Month Ever: 7.0 messages per day (June 2001)

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