Use of Zoom for a virtual meeting By Theslowlane ·
Should we take a break from having the Wednesday Dinner due to corona virus? Your input welcome. 5 messages By Theslowlane ·
Dinner temporarily stops meeting as of March 18. By Theslowlane ·
The dinner keeps going. Also my commentary about Corona virus worries. By Theslowlane ·
March 11 Wednesday Dinner at Piazza zza Pizza in Fairhaven District By Theslowlane ·
March 4 Wednesday Dinner at El Agave By Theslowlane ·
February 26 Wednesday Dinner at Skylarks By Theslowlane ·
February 19 Wednesday Dinner at Taco Lobo and more news. By Theslowlane ·
Slight correction By Theslowlane ·
Feb. 12 Wednesday Dinner at Bellingham Bar and Grill. By Theslowlane ·
Wednesday Dinner at Sunnyland Station. Other gatherings also. By Theslowlane ·
Jan 29 dinner at Panda Palace. Can we just talk discussion group Feb 19. By Theslowlane ·
January 22 Wednesday Dinner at Piazza zza Pizza in Fairhaven District. By Theslowlane ·
January 15 Wednesday Dinner at El Agave on Samish. New Whatcom Pride site. By Theslowlane ·
Group for people coming out "later" in life however that time is defined. By Theslowlane ·
Jan. 8 Wednesday Dinner at Skylarks, Out Bellingham Meetup on Friday By Theslowlane ·
New Year's Day Wednesday Dinner at Brandywine Kitchen. By Theslowlane ·
Dec. 25 3 PM potluck instead of at a restaurant. Also a new health resource coalition forming in Whatcom County By Theslowlane ·
Dec. 18 dinner at Bellingham Bar and Grill. Next week we are invited to a potluck at Unitarian Fellowship in lieu of finding a place open Christmas Day. By Theslowlane ·
Aceflux (Asexual Spectrum) a discussion group By Theslowlane ·