Correction and Robert's editorial about open posting. By Theslowlane ·
Open posting to this group has been removed. By Theslowlane ·
Pete Buttigieg nomination advances out of committee & heads to full Senate vote / LGBTQ Nation By raccoon raccoon ·
Mary Trump may change her name so she doesn’t share it with her “loser” uncle / LGBTQ Nation By raccoon raccoon ·
Mayor Aims to Turn Small Town Into QAnon, USA By raccoon raccoon ·
Black Lives Matter banner outside University Christian Church in San Diego defaced By raccoon raccoon ·
Quiet times in Bellingham, but the vaccines should be on their way before too long 5 messages By Theslowlane ·
Bette Midler sings goodbye to Donnie By raccoon raccoon ·
SOMETHING TO DO WITH TRUMP? 2 messages By lyle pearson ·
Transgender Day of Remembrance webinar event, Friday 7 PM November 20. By Theslowlane ·
Some updates. By Theslowlane ·
August 12 5 PM Wednesday Gathering at Skylarks outdoor area. Bring your mask. By Theslowlane ·
Historic film rediscovered by person from Bellingham. Shown in gay film festival in India. 2 messages By Theslowlane ·
Masked people walking Lake Padden By Theslowlane ·
Wednesday Dinner Zoom conference moves to 6:30 PM By Theslowlane ·
Possible picnics for the dinner group? Also there's still Lake Padden Sunday Walks and other possibilities. 3 messages By Theslowlane ·
I forgot to give credit. By Theslowlane ·
Wednesday Dinner Zoom meeting By Theslowlane ·
Welcome K Mckenzie and other new members By Theslowlane ·
New member intro By K McKenzie ·
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